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July 13-14, 2013 — Matthew Bowman

MiMatthew Bowmanller Eccles Study Group Texas is excited to announce that our July 2013 speaker will be Matthew Bowman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Hampden Sidney College and associate editor of Dialogue: a Journal of Mormon Thought.


Saturday, July 13, 2 pm (McKinney)
2806 Pinnacle Drive
McKinney, Texas 75071

Saturday, July 13, 7 pm (Arlington)
3804 Indian Springs Trail
Arlington, Texas 76016


Sunday, July 14, 7 pm
Irving Chapel
1553 South Story Road
Irving, Texas 75060


“Zion: the Progressive Roots of Mormon Correlation”

This talk evaluates the ideas, intentions, and aims behind the correlation movement of the 1960s. It first explains the history and the functions of correlation, exploring why the General Authorities felt that such a program was needed. It then explains what precisely ‘correlation’ is and how it works. Finally, it unpacks the theological reasoning and assumptions behind correlation, arguing that Harold B. Lee and the other General Authorities who administered the program understood it in millennial terms: correlation rightly administered, they believed, would re-make the church into the image of the City of Enoch, the Nephite civilization of 4 Nephi, and hence usher in the Second Coming.


“This Is My Body: Thinking about the Sacrament”

In a mixture of history, theology, and close reading of scripture, this talk explores the meaning of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. It presents a history of the sacrament meeting, tracing the ways the sacrament was administered and the meanings behind those ways from Joseph Smith’s time to the present three hour block. It also looks closely at the scriptures that we use to understand what the sacrament is, and connects those passages to the way we administer it.


Matthew Bowman is the author of The Mormon People: the Making of an American Faith (Random House, 2012) and the forthcoming The Urban Pulpit: New York City and the Fate of liberal Evangelicalism (Oxford, 2014) as well as multiple articles on Mormonism and evangelicalism. The associate editor of Dialogue: a Journal of Mormon Thought, he teaches religion at Hampden Sydney College.