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April 19-21, 2013 — George Handley

George HandleyMiller Eccles Study Group Texas is excited to announce that our April 2013 speaker will be George Handley, chair of the Brigham Young University Department of Humanities, Classics and Comparative Literature.


Friday, April 19, 7 pm (Arlington)
3804 Indian Springs Trail
Arlington, Texas 76016

Saturday, April 20, 7 pm (McKinney)
**Please take note of the different location.  The Saturday evening study group meeting will not be held at the Eccles home in Plano.  It will be held at the Miller home in McKinney.**
2806 Pinnacle Drive
McKinney, Texas  75071


Sunday, April 21, 7 pm
Arlington Stake Center
3809 Curt Drive
Arlington, Texas 76016


“RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS? LDS Environmental Beliefs and Practices and the Prospect of Ecological Restoration”

This presentation will explore the environmental ethics of LDS belief and their implementation in Mormon history.  It will also explore the relevance of LDS beliefs to contemporary environmental problems as well as to the broader crisis of climate change.


“Enduring All Things: Learning the Patience to Suffer”

This presentation will explore the challenges to our faith of trials that are beyond our control and sometimes beyond our understanding. It will specifically address the ways in which experiences of human sorrow that are not directly caused by human sin, such as depression, mental illness, and tragic accidents, are comprehended by the atonement and why charity, as the capacity to bear and endure all things, requires our willingness to suffer for ourselves and for others and rewards our faith with a lightening of our burdens.


George Handley is a Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities at Brigham Young University where he serves as chair of the Department of Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature. He was educated at Stanford and at the University of California, Berkeley, and taught briefly at Northern Arizona University before coming to BYU in 1998. He writes and teaches on the relationship between literature, religion, and the environment. Handley is the author of “Home Waters: a Year of Recompenses on the Provo River” published by the University of Utah Press in 2010. He is a former Bishop, and he and his wife, Amy, are the parents of four children.